The heritage flats are situated in the old center of Dürnstein. Due to the position of the building, it is not possible to drive to the entrance door.

In addition to that we have to point out that there is a general parking restriction in Dürnstein.

The public parking spaces in Dürnstein are:

P 1 – in the east of Dürnstein. This is the largest parking space in town – next to the docks and the Kuenringer „swimming complex“.

P 2 – in the east of the tunnel next to the tavern „Radl-Treff“ (when you come from Krems you have to turn right and immediately right again)

P 3 – in the west of the tunnel (turn left when leaving the tunnel – from Krems coming)

P 4 – in the west of the tunnel (after the tunnel you have to turn right and immediately right again)

P 6 – in the east of the main center around the train station. (from Krems coming you have to turn right BEFORE the tunnel – straight ahead – and left to the train station)


Do not park your car in front of the Hotel Schloss Dürnstein and have a look at the attached city map where all parking spaces are indicated.

You are definitely authorised to park your car for a maximum of 20 minutes at one of the marked public parking spaces in town in order to unload you car.


How to find the flats?

Coming from the west you drive up the little hill until the old center (narrow street) begins. After about 30m on the left side you will see 3 parking spaces (again this is not for guests!) and a shop called Wieser. Having the shop to your right, you just follow the small path on the left side behind the parking spaces. At the end of the curve there is the heritage building.

Flat I and II have a main entrance. (dark wodden door) Flat I is on the left side in the entrance room (stairs) and flat II on the right side before entering the garden door.

Guests, who stay in flat III have to continue the path for another 3 meters. Here is a light wooden door which is the exclusive entrance door of flat III.

After booking you will receive a e-mail with all details and the code for your apartment.

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